What happens when corporation only focuses on profits, “Amazon warehouse”

Amazon is globally well-known giant IT corporation that provides web platform which users can buy and sell goods through it’s online market.
Following this platform, goods are packed and delivered through Amazon distributing center called fulfillment center. Due to increasing of users and products, Amazon has introduced cutting edge technology where human and machine cooperate to handle enormous amount of goods.

However, Amazon’s working conditions are becoming an issue. As Amazon imposed incredibly high targets on it’s contracted employees, it turned out that warehouse workers can’t even go to toilet during working hours.

Amazon gives penalty when workers fail to accomplish tightly scheduled mission. If the workers receive 3times of warnings, the computer system automatically fire employees and replace their places with new employees. Workers are always under the pressure of “there are always someone ready to take their jobs”. This harsh working condition has been extremely becoming worse during summer, warehouse temperature increases up to 120 Fahrenheit, it’s not difficult to see workers faint during work in Summer season.

In this extreme time frame and working condition, workers are guided inhumanly by computer.


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